Car Owner and Car Parking FAQ

Arriving by car is the easiest and most convenient way to get to the Saint Side show.  A celebration of all automotive scenes and styles, with a focus on customised, vintage, restored or preserved, we know that cars play a huge role in how we all live and express ourselves, they can be our biggest life accessory.

We want everyone to come out and bring their pride and joy and have a great time at the centre, but there is some rules to adhere to, so that the show runs smoothly, our team can assist you when you arrive, and everyone can have a safe and great time at the event.

Think of it as a cars and coffee event, but on steroids, and everything is lower.

1. Cool, collectible, custom and quirky

If you are planning on attending with your car, we really appreciate cars that have been modified to be cool, rides that are collectible, cars customised uniquely or models that are quirky and you don't see often at other car shows. Lowriders play the biggest role in our show and we accomodate as much as possible for them, and then we usually say muscle, hot rod, truck, chrome bumper, stance, classic US, Euro or Japanese, followed by cars with major ride height changes (super low, air bags, wound down coils, hydraulics) are favoured the most. We also enjoy new cars, exotics and limited, but they don't necessary get prime location and focus just because a car might be expensive. 

2. Entering into the Green Gully Area.

The Saint Side show runs 12-6, and as such the car park can fill up quite quickly during this time.

Our volunteers will be at the roundabout entry to greet you, and to respectfully inform you of the nearest parking area for you. Please note the day can get quite busy, and the volunteers are unpaid, they are not looking for arguments with people about what their car is or what they think they deserve. Please listen to them and help them keep traffic flowing. Any unsavoury behaviour will not be tolerated, we have instructed them to simply ignore abuse.

Any dangerous driving will also be noted and reported.

From there the favourable car spots are as follows.

3. Primary show parking and judged area

All parking spots in the area are free.

The main show car park is the 70 spots that are directly in front of the Brimbank Bicycle Education Centre. This is the main area that is judged by the car show sponsor as it is easily accessed. 

Primary car show, ushered and judged area - Brimbank Bicycle Education Centre carpark

Secondary car show area (unjudged) - Street spots on McCrae Boulevard entry leading up from Green Gully Rd to the first round about on McCrae.

Follow up parking areas for all cars (unjudged) - Green Gully grass area near the entrance of Green Gully Rd and McCrae Blvd, south of the GSDCV Western Branch Building. McCrae Boulevard post round about area, Kealba Cricket Club Parking area up the rear of the Green Gully site. 

The primary, secondary and follow up parking areas are highlighted green in the below map.

Again, there will be volunteers onsite on the day to assist to direct you.


4. Time, Entry and Notes for Car Owners

The Show and Shine begins at 12pm. All cars are welcome, and some attendees come earlier.  There is no cost to park at any location on the site. However to enter into the Saint Side Show at the Bicycle Education Centre, contribute to the show (all proceeds donated to not for profits) and participate in all the show has to offer, tickets are available > here < or tickets will be available on the day at the entry gate. This will allow you entry to the entertainment, music, market traders, toilets, bike show, food trucks etc, and allow car owners to be INSIDE the venue during the award ceremony at approximately 5.30pm. Cars entered in the primary show parking area out front must remain parked from 2pm, and not move until after the show awards. Also, cars are free to leave at anytime, however if you are parked in the primary show area, and are then not present during the awards, you may miss out on your prize, and it will be passed on to a second choice.

5. Daily cars, trucks and trailers

People arriving early to setup as vendors, drop off bikes for the show, or coming with trays and trailers, once you have unloaded please utilise parking that is furthest from the venue, and along the side parking of McCrae Blvd after the round about. This is the safest and most accomodating for daily cars, and cars with trays and trailers. This allows a nicer workflow for show attendees. With nicer cars funnelled to the nearer car parks on the day.

6. Trophies and Prize Packs

The show is primarily for bicycles, however we have 2 awards for the car show component and to get people excited to cruise out in the whips. To qualify you must follow the rules above, which is a) arrive early or on time, be parked up in the primary Brimbank Bicycle Education centre car park out the front and b) be inside the venue to enjoy the show, then be present at 5.30 during the awards ceremony. There are 2 trophies and prize packs to be one, usually split by year (pre 1980 and post 1980) or by style (one chrome bumper, one painted bumper) for example


6. Due to Public Liability Insurance, we no longer allow show cars to be parked inside the venue.


7. Due to the popularity of the show, spots can fill up quickly, so please be sure to come as early to 12pm as possible. Some people usually arrive pre-show to be categorised and secure a good spot.


8. Any questions feel free to contact the Saint Side Events team on 0449 675 001.