Bike Owner FAQ

The Saint Side Show and Shine is a celebration of bicycles with a focus on customised, vintage, restored or preserved styles.

We want everyone to come out and bring their bike and have a great time at the centre, but there is some rules to adhere to, so that the show runs smoothly, our team can assist you when you arrive, and everyone can have a safe and great time at the event.

1. Helmets are mandatory. 

If you attend and ride without a helmet, you may get a tap on the shoulder. For the events on the day, closed toed shoes are also required (no thongs for the drag race or skid competition)

2. Children attending

Kids 12 and under get free entry, with or without a bike, but it's a lot more fun if they come out on a set of wheels, remember helmets!

3. Entry for Bicycle Owners

All bikes are welcome, entry is $10 per person if you bring a bicycle which you can pay on the day during check in. This allows some people to bring as many bikes as they would like to enter in the show, all for $10. Please note our show and activities are only open to a certain style bike.

4. Other Bikes

If you would like to attend on a Mountain Bike, Racer, BMX or bicycle that we don't have a category or competition for, you are welcome to bring them and enjoy the day, simply purchase a ticket on the day. We want to see the place full of bikes, however the show guidelines are open to the following

5. Bicycle Scrutineering and Check In

There is single fee for as many bikes as you would like to enter.  We know some entrants bring 3, 4 or even 5 bikes, so there is a flat entry fee of $10. Bicycles details will be recorded, your bicycle will be categorised and you will be walked to your show parking area/s. Bicycle check in runs from 10am to 1pm.  From 1pm check in closes and everyone is welcome to ride and enjoy their bikes, and return them to the show parking area when not in use. 

If you are participating in the events, there will be more details recorded as well as an activity waiver.  Please be mindful of the event call outs on the day.

6. Bicycle Categories and Bicycle Competitions

a) There are 5 show categories.

Street Category - Bicycles built with off the shelf parts, usually these are everyday creative bicycles, low riders, restoration, custom or beach cruisers. Examples below.


Rat Rod - Bicycles which are showing an age, patina of more than 50% of their bicycle build. These can be referred to as rust rods, ratters etc. Any style is welcome and the more rusty and creative, the better. Examples below.


Vintage/Period - Bicycle that are survivors, or bicycles restored to period correct look. Dragsters, muscle bikes, department store bikes etc. We acknowledge some of our entrants know more about their project than us, so we want to make sure they have a place to be able to tell their story of restoration, just as it was in the 60s/70s when the bicycles were first released. Examples below.


Show Excel - The top category for show bikes on the day. Bicycles can be built with off the shelf parts but must have a customised frame, and customised paint job that exceeds just one colour. ie they require multiple colours, flakes, pin striping, air brushing, art work etc. Bicycles in this category are looked at as a total package, how they sit, tell a story, display the art and craft in the process.  Examples below.

Kids Section Up to 16 years of age - Bicycles built by children (fairly and within reason). These are open to any look as long as it meets any of the above and has a dragster, lowrider, rat rod, or show bike style. Examples below.


b) There are 2 major bicycle activities.

"EXEDY Clutches Bicycle Drag Race" (approx 3:30pm)

This is a bicycle drag race between two competitors travelling an equal length for a section of the bicycle education centre track. Competitor bikes must be 20" and have a 20" rear wheel. All other modifications are allowed, gears, different sized front or rear sprockets, different size front forks and front wheel etc. 

The rules of the drag race are:

- Standing start only, so no run start or push start.

- Bum must remain on seat for the entire race, no lifting off for take off or for a boost mid race.

- Racers must stay in their lane


"May's Conveyancing Longest Skid Competition"   (approx 4:30pm)

Competitor bikes must be 20" and have a 20" rear wheel. All other modifications are allowed, gears, different sized front or rear sprockets, different size front forks and front wheel etc.  Entrants will have a section of track to use as a run up to gain speed and then a section of track approximately 2 metres long to begin their longest skid attempt. Skids will be measured from the final part of the skid area so all skids begin equally from one point, and then measured to the finish of the riders rear wheel at stopping point on the track. All entrants get 1 attempt at the skid, unless there is a tie, in which the two leaders will enter sudden death.


C) There are 8 Bicycle Trophies for winners on the day.

An entrant can take home only 1 trophy on the day, regardless if they have many entered many bicycles, or a particular bike is voted as a best of in multiple categories. That way we assure 8 different winners win at each show.

If an entrant is entering a bicycle that has won at a previous show, to compete again that owner of the winning bike must change at least 50% of their bicycle, to be eligible to win in a following year. ie. A show stopping bike cant enter 2 years in a row and expect to win even if it is a clear winner, it will require a paint change, wheel change, additional accessories or details etc, to the visual appearance of 50% of the bicycle. Again, to prevent a trophy sweep, or sweep trophy wins year on year.

The 8 trophy categories are

1) People's Choice. This is voted by likes on facebook announced on the day, from 2pm to 5pm. The bicycle with the most likes in the 2024 Entrant folder on the day wins. Chosen by the general public on Facebook.

2) Best Coat. The bicycle with the best quality paint work, this can include paint, pin stripe, air brushing etc. Chosen by a panel (up to 3) of paint professionals.

3) Show Excel. The top end of the bike builders category where bicycles require custom frames to enter, and are judged by over all build quality, attention to detail, story telling, and presentation. Chosen by a panel (up to 3) of professional automotive builders, bicycle builders, painters etc.

4) Saint's Pride. The only Saint Side judged category that extends past the bicycle and includes how an entrant carries themselves in the broader community of the custom bicycle scene. Chosen by Saint Side team.

5) Best Kids. Bicycles built by owners who are 16 years of age and under. Younger ages can be assisted by adults. Chosen by a Guest Judge on the day.6) Period Correct. Bicycles built to a nostalgic theme, or to period correct integrity. Chosen by a Guest Judge on the day.

7) Best Streeter. Bicycles that form part of the street and cruiser category on the day, usually selected by overall theme or balance in the build. Chosen by a Guest Judge on the day.

8) Best Ratter. Bicycles that form part of old and rust parts section, where creativity usually wins. Story telling, addition of parts and varied use of parts usually assists. Chosen by a Guest Judge on the day.