Old Minimal. Saint Side Winter 23 Collection

Everyday we are working on something creative. Bikes, projects, building our database with new designs, flips, all new IP, rebirthed advertisements or vintage rips.  Sometimes the more you look away, the newer or stronger, the original legacy feels 

So we focused on the logo, and presented the logo as cleanly as possible, without deviating too much. What are the nicest garments we currently present, and how can we add the nicest detail logo we can. 

This collection stays on the Forever notion too, found on both rear necks of the cross grain garments, with a small 4 items of fleece but a larger range in 9 different beanie options, and then a BIC Made in France clic stic pen to tie it all up for the accessory.  We updated the two tone embroidered logo compared to its previous iteration also, a small change, but much nicer outcome.

As always, made in limited numbers, printed, embroidered, woven tagged and bagged here in Melbourne. 

Complete Drop, online and in store

-Premium 450gsm heavyweight cross grain crewneck in black, with two tone Old English embroidered logo left of chest, with Forever insignia on rear neck.

-Premium 450gsm heavyweight cross grain hood in navy, with two tone Old English embroidered logo left of chest, with Forever insignia on rear neck.

-Ring spun heavyweight traditional fleece in black, with white collegiate print centre chest.

-Ring spun heavyweight traditional fleece in heather grey, with white Old English print centre chest.

-Nylon beanie, cuffed with our SSpeed logo embroidery, available in black, red and blue.

-50/50 Wool blend beanie, cuffed with our SS Second City logo embroidery, available in black, navy blue, and dark grey. 

-Nylon blend skull beanie, all available in black with our Old English logo embroidery in white, black, and a third with woven tag.

-BIC Click Pen, Made in France.

Cream rises to the top, everything tastefully appointed and embellished to last.  This gives us, and hopefully you, a break from everything happening out there that is so cross wired, it's difficult to process what exactly is going on. You're not just getting a hoodie or a beanie or a t-shirt with us, you know it and I know it, you get more.  Invest in yourself.

Please enjoy.

But if you don't... please, no complaints.

Some shots below, but click here to view the entire collection of items.