Saint Side & ICHPIG - Game Before Fame Launch Event

A year since our last collaboration, the best garment producers in the country and your favourite bike store go back to back with another collection, and an event in celebration of the fun, and the hard work that goes into both brand stories, Game Before Fame.

Saturday saw ICHPIG and Saint Side together in the area, to shoot hoops, kick back a little with some refreshments and snacks, thanks to Amanie's Bakery and Pecks Road, and deliver no look assists with early access to our second collection in store.  Even though it was raining all week, Saturday was nothing but sunshine, smiles, and swishes as we balled on the street all day with giveaways and entertainment. 

Whilst this is probably going to be our last activation at the St.Albans store ever, we want to mention how special the support has been, and send a sincere thank you to everyone who came, spent time with us and had a catch with both crews in the zone, we want everyone to know what this means to both SS and IP, and we have huge amounts of respect for everyone.

For those that missed out, head over to - It's your only chance to get the remaining units of our limited Game Before Fame, Made In Australia collection.