The Incense Corner is back! Starting with Saint Side Original.

We’ve dusted off the cobwebs, the blog is back!

I wrote an article about this scent on our Incense Corner blog back in 2014 and naturally we’re bringing it back with our favourite ‘Saint Side Original’.

The conception of this scent came from a discussion during a shift of what scents represented ‘Celebration’ to us. The reoccurring theme of birthdays, weddings, milestones swirling around in conversation, led us to undeniable scents of Hennessy Cognac and vanilla bean and it’s je ne sais quoi. 

The base note combinations of cognac and vanilla bean creates a warm, sweet, complex and intoxicating scent that is perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

This 2023 batch is the last of the original formula and we’re looking forward to the evolution of the scent we call our own. 

Kuumba Bookshop - November 2014 (Image from team member NN)